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Click, Click, Click.

Click, click, click, his fingers tap furiously on the keyboard as he, well, writes, or tries to in his opinion. He’s never been good at it and those who say he is are liars and he wonders why he even tries. It’s not like he’ll ever be any good, not like JK Rowling good Continue reading “Click, Click, Click.”

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Of Salt Shakers and Perfect Homes

So at the beginning of this month, I started my second year of campus. It seems only like yesterday I just joined campus and now it feels like everything is moving too fast. Yeeeee!✊✊✊ Adulthood (I’m being cynical; this isn’t that much fun. It feels like I’ve been swept up in a whirlwind and everything is moving way too fast leaving me in a confused haze trying to play catch-up). Continue reading “Of Salt Shakers and Perfect Homes”

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You thought you would be Great

“DISCLAIMER!” This is Morbid.

You thought you would be great, you’d put everything you’ve got into it and everything would be okay. Except it didn’t. You were following your dreams, so naive. And now you’re forty years old with nothing. You’re a pathetic excuse for an adult still living with your parents and still convincing yourself that God has a plan for you. You go to every church there is, believing that your promised land is right around the corner and forget that you had at one time lost all faith in religion.

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Riding off into the Sunset

I’m leaving home, going to Narok, or better yet in my case back to school. School isn’t open yet, I’m just going to get myself settled, house hunting and all; it’s called adulting, even though my parents will still pay for it, it’s still going out into the world on my own, don’t you dare mock me. As I walk out the gate, this kid looks at me and smiles, says hi and I say hi back, then I remember I forgot to carry something and I go back.

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Here Beside The River


Queen Sugar-Season 3 Episode 10

‘My momma was my north star.

Free. Fierce. A warrior.

My momma was the ground beneath my feet.

But the day the sickness came, the trees shook and the ground swayed.

And at nineteen I let out a cry in this earthquake of sorrow.

She was my everything.

And then she was gone.’

  Nova Bordelon
– We Bleed Softly In The Night

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Hey guys, thanks for reading my blog, following and being interactive.

So, I’m a film student and I also study literature and theatre. I love movies and series and theatre and I want to blog about thing that I love and I’m passionate about and if it makes me a better student as well,(win-win, right?) issall good! I also love music and basically, just all things entertainment in general. From now on, adding to the stories that I write I will also be discussing films, TV shows, music, literature and other areas in the entertainment industry. This means I’ll be doing reviews and giving my opinion on various topics entertainment-wise.

So head on, follow my blog, read, share, like; remember, sharing is sexy, try it!

Okay, never in my life did I think I’d be on of those people who uses cheesy lines like “Sharing is sexy, try it!” but I’m growing so don’t judge me.

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She can Drive

I met a girl. Her name is Mary Kajuju.

I can see where your mind is at, but it’s not like that, I met her in my driving class (so pissed that I haven’t completed the course yet, my exam keeps being pushed forward). Anyway, back to Mary. Mary is warm, friendly, open and has this bubbly personality. She seems so positive and happy and just plain nice, all of which I am not. So she sparks a conversation about how the theory part of the course is tough for her and me not wanting to be rude, I offer her a smile and tell her to give it time, that she’ll get the hang of it. Continue reading “She can Drive”